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  Solid Carbide End Mills

GSX Series (PDF)
The fine carbide substrate of the new GSX Series
provides high traverse rupture strength and excellent thermal shock resistance for improved reliability in wet cuttting applications. A large rake angle and unique flute design improve sharpness and chip evacuation. A variety of three flute types and four flute lengths are available for a wide range of applications.





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  Shoulder Milling

DFC Double-Sided Milling Cutter (Learn More)
The high toughness and special shape of the DFC six-edge insert ensure long-term, stable cutting and high efficiency machining with high feed rates. Cutting edges are optimized to provide excellent surface finishes. Low cutting forces and high wear resistance of Sumitomo's DFC result in a long tool life.


WEX 90 Degree Shoulder Mill (End/Shell Mills) (PDF)
Consisting of heat- and wear-resistant Nano technology coated grades, the WEX's high strength cutting edges substantially enhance feed rates, machining accuracy and surface finish. WEX cutter bodies feature a highly durable surface treatment and an improved method of insert clamping into the pocket.


WRX Shoulder Milling Cutters (PDF)
The WRX features long cutting edges arranged in multiple stages to enable high efficiency milling. Optimized cutting positions provide low cutting resistance and low vibration, while a dual level cutting edge design reduces the number of passes. Lead groove and a special pocket shape offer smooth chip evacuation and high body rigidity. A low edge supporting face reduces bottom edge breakage and provides high reliability.


WAX Milling Series (PDF)
Featuring a high-speed and efficient design, WAX Series cutters reduce the costs and time associated with rough milling to finishing of non-ferrous materials. The WAX Series also offers exceptional ramping and helical milling of aluminum alloys. Made to be safe, this series prevents tool failure by inhibiting the insert dislodgement that can result from centrifugal force. A diamond-like carbon coating (DLC) promotes adhesion resistance.

WFX 90 Degree Shoulder Mill (4-Cornered Inserts) (PDF)
Optimal for shoulder milling, the WFX Series includes a redesigned cutter containing a 90-degree lead angle. The convex cutting edge of the inserts provides extreme rigidity. An integrated wiper offers exceptional surface finish. The high accuracy of the WFX is ideal for attaining exceptional part squareness.

PWS Shoulder Mill (Tangentially Mounted Inserts) (PDF)
The PWS is tangentially mounted for unprecedented cutting edge strength. Its two-step insert array structure responds to deep cutting requirements, while optimized breakers provide excellent edge sharpness and cutting ability. A 17mm insert allows for exceptional material removal, while the serrated design of the insert, created with high precision molding technology, provides stable milling (even in large overhang applications).

  Face Milling  

RSX Radius Mill for Stainless Steel & Exotic Materials (Video)
TThe RSX Series features a highly durable body made of special alloyed steel and protected by a hard surface treatment. The round pocket design eliminates insert rotation during aggressive machining. Applications include face milling, ramping, slotting, 3-D interpolation and helical boring.

WGX 45 Degree Face Mill (4-Cornered Inserts) (PDF)
The WGX Wave Mill Series features excellent surface finish and eliminates burrs due to a unique insert chipbreaker design. It is ideal for all facemilling applications The WGX body and insert combination yields improved run-out accuracy. Additional WGX benefits include lower cutting force due to its high rake angle and optimized edge treatment for long tool life with new Super ZX and Super FF coatings.

DGC 45 Degree Face Mill (Double-Sided Inserts) (PDF)
DGC general purpose face mills use double-sided square and octagon inserts that significantly initial investment costs. Patented ZX coating strengthens square and octagon DGC inserts to extend tool life while increasing wear resistance. When interrupted cutting, the ZX coating enhances the tool life and cost efficiency of the DGC to provide machinists with an ideal surface finish.

GOALMILL Face Mill Series (PDF)
Our Goalmill features excellent surface finish capabilities. It consists of fixed pocket inserts on the periphery. Cartridges adjust easily and use the same insert as the periphery pockets. All LNGX inserts have 8 cutting edges (12 when used with both right and left hand cutters).

DNX Face Mills (PDF)
The combination cutter body type and insert design of our DNX Series allows for a wider application range. Low cutting forces and V-shaped insert edge together provide stable machining and less vibration. It achieves 1.5 times higher efficiency than competitor models.

SDP Spider Face Mills (PDF)
Our SDP Spider Mill is designed for high productivity face milling of gray and ductile cast irons. It is a 90 degree double negative milling cutter with positive cutting insert geometry. Each insert consists of eight cutting edges. A unique positive chipbreaker insert provides less cutting force, more productivity and a longer tool life. Available with ACK100 and ACK200 CVD coated grades.

  high feed milling  

Metal Slash Mill (PDF)
The unique design of our Metal Slash Mill directs cutting forces into the machine spindle to achieve feed rates of up to 0.078” IPT, even in low rigidity conditions. A four-corner insert (screw on assembly) design yields low tooling costs per part. U.S. stock bodies are available in 2.000” - 4.000” diameters. Available with CVD and PVD coated grades.

MSX Series High Feed Mill (End/Shell Mills)(PDF)
The MSX features a high feed rate up to .055 IPT and higher clamping rigidity due to double clamping system. An air hole allows for better chip evacuation. U.S. stock standard bodies available in .750” - 1.500”. It is capable of both ramping and helical boring applications and available in Weldon (EW) and Cylindrical (ELC) type shanks.

  Wave series  

Wave End Mill Series
Using thick, super high rake design inserts, this series provides a strong performance at heavy feed rates with an easy, free cutting design. Available in coarse and fine pitch, 10 mm and 16 mm insert configurations, and a variety of lengths for a range of machining applications. Accepts M class APMT and APET inserts.

  PCBN & CBN  

HF PCD Milling Cutters (PDF)
Providing exceptional milling efficiency, the HF Series features a high-density design (3 teeth per inch). For precision, the unique double-chamfered cutting edge of the insert eliminates burrs and ensures superior surface finishes. The HF Series achieves a run-out precision of 0.0002 inches or less.

PCBN & PCD Milling Cutters (PDF)
Our PCBN and PCD Cutters consist of high-speed precision shell mills and endmills.

  Milling Adapters and Holders  

Our CNC holder line provides options for all industry-standard sizes and congurations for collet chucks, end mill holders, shell mill holders, hi-power milling chucks, and face mill holders. Each product represents the latest technology, and reflects our commitment to quality and innovation.

Milling Chucks(PDF)
End Mill Holders
Shell Mill Holders